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Sacred Crystals and Balanced Energy

Posted by Robyn Kloosterhof on

When I began my journey down the road of healing stones, crystals and gems, I had no idea the amount of treasures Mother Earth had provided.  To this very day, and I am sure a great many in the future, I continue to learn and be blown away by what magical energy can be found in healing stones and crystals.

I am sure a great many of us can remember having a piece of tiger eye around in our room or in a box of bits and pieces we treated as our most valuable finds! What about quartz? Or Hematite? An abundance of shiny stones that meant more to us than diamonds.  The real question is why did we love these healing stones and crystals so much? They seemed easy to find yet each one was it’s own wonder, even if to only have a slight variation from the last.

The truth behind it, in the opinion of The Sprouting Spirit at least, is the energy that each stone provided us. The color, vibration, smoothness and shape drew us in and kept us in constant curiosity.  We were free to love these treasures and believe in magic they held. Each healing stone and crystal has a unique signature, if you will, of vibrational energy. Our own energy fields are attracted to this and find balance in a stone or crystal.  We may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed at work, pressures of a fast paced life, increasing stress or even fatigue. If this is so, why aren’t we digging out that piece of raw amethyst we once had? I believe it is because we thought we needed to outgrow collecting rocks. Find a more “grown-up” hobby.  To be honest, the knowledge I am gaining by chatting with like minded people, visiting other metaphysical stores and research has me feeling more “ grown-up” than ever.

These healing stones and crystals of Mother Earth have provided our ancestors with guidance for centuries. The use of Talismans and Amulets for protection was common practice, dating back to the beginning of mankind.  Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise in their jewelry for health and protection. The Ancient Greeks would rub stones of Hematite all over themselves before battle so that they would be protected. Crystals have also played a big part in Religion and Religious practices. It is said that the origin of what we refer to as our birthstone, was the stones that were on the breast plate of Aaron. 

The energy, and purpose of healing stones and crystals can be referenced back for years. The warm feeling we get from holding a piece of citrine and believing in the power of abundance, the deep green of jade reminding us of the earth, the beautiful soft blue of aquamarine reflecting the energy of the ocean. We are all energy and all require balance for healthy living. The offerings of healing stones and crystals from Mother Earth are a way humans can be at one with themselves, all energy and the universe. We can find soothing energy by holding onto a tumbled stone of howlite or strength in smoky quartz when we feel stressed or weak. Naturally we are drawn to the energies of healing stones and crystals when we are out of balance. The energy we can absorb from using them in spiritual practice or even just in our pocket is the beginning of finding balance. So weather you need to be grounded by red jasper or get in better touch with your intuition with labradorite, trust in this, trust in the energy that Mother Earth provides you for natural healing. So search out that particular stone you need...when you were young there was no judgement, just belief.

The Sprouting Spirit