Aries Zodiac Bracelet

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry

The band of the bracelet is made of Blue Goldstone and it has 6 stones which support someone who falls under the Aries Zodiac Sign. Blue Goldstone can assist us in seeing the light at the end of the darkness and the flecks of copper remind us of the stars in the night sky.  Ruby in Zoisite can help your mind to listen to what your heart is communicating, Amethyst aids you in developing your intuition and settles your mind, Bloodstone can help keep you grounded and let go of negative influences, Citrine can stimulate your imagination and bring abundance, Fire Agate can create a barrier of protection as well as repel negative energy, Sardonyx can increase your level of happiness and optimism. This bracelet is made with 6mm sized beads.

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