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Healing Crystal Black Moonstone Palm Stone - D

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry


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Healing properties~ New Beginnings, Release Old Patterns, Grounding, Setting Intentions

Black moonstone helps bring forth the energy of new beginnings and resonates with the new moon lunar phase. It represents divine feminine energy and is a good stone to use to ground yourself. It may also help to shed light on old patterns you need to let go of. Working with Black Moonstone during the new moon phase will help you set your intentions.

These are wonderful to hold during meditation. Your hand or palm is an effective way to sense the energy of the crystal. Typically your non-dominant hand receives universal energy and your dominant hand moves the energy you have received back out towards the universe.

Green moonstone Palm stone. This stone is 74g in weight and approximately 1.75” round and 1” thick.

Healing crystals, healing stones, gemstone bracelets, gemstone jewelry, essential oil blends and handmade items that are created or made by The Sprouting Spirit are done with the highest quality and intentions. Healing properties, spiritual properties or natural healing properties stated in the descriptions are in my opinion only and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical practitioner.

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