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Healing Crystal Sacral Chakra Bracelet

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry


Sometimes one or more of our seven main chakras needs to become more balanced. Balanced chakras can help us live a healthier, more productive life. I created this bracelet to focus on the Sacral chakra. Our sacral chakra impacts joy, creativity, compassion and desire. This bracelet is made with lava stone, which can be used with essential oil’s for aromatherapy, bronzite, sunstone, and carnelian. These three powerful stones can help you to feel the constant flow of positive energy, keep you feeling motivated, creative and can relieve sadness.

Healing crystals, healing stones, gemstone bracelets, gemstone jewelry, essential oil blends and handmade items that are created or made by The Sprouting Spirit are done with the highest quality and intentions. Healing properties, spiritual properties or natural healing properties stated in the descriptions are in my opinion only and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical practitioner.

Natural Stones vary in color, size, and texture. The product you receive may vary slightly from the photos listed. Much Love, The Sprouting Spirit

Please refer to the bracelet sizing guide.

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