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Healing Crystal Snowflake Obsidian Stone Point - C

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry


Healing Properties ~ Purity, Balance, Removes Negative Energy, spiritual awareness, past lives.

Snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity and brings balance to the mind, body and spirit. Snowflake obsidian can remove negative energy from a space or person with ease. If used during meditation it may help you get in touch with your past lives, and expand your spiritual awareness. This stone resonates with your root and third eye chakras.

Obsidian itself is volcanic glass. Snowflake obsidian has snowflake like spots which are called spherulites, and they are composed of needle-shaped cristobalite, a type of quartz.

** this stone is approximately 101 g in weight and 3.25” tall by 1”  wide

Healing crystals, healing stones, gemstone bracelets, gemstone jewelry, essential oil blends and handmade items that are created or made by The Sprouting Spirit are done with the highest quality and intentions. Healing properties, spiritual properties or natural healing properties stated in the descriptions are in my opinion only and are not meant to replace the advice of a medical practitioner.

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