Labradorite and Hematite Bracelet

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry

Metaphysical Properties ~ Worry, Stress, Strength,  Aura Protection.

Healing crystal bracelet made with labradorite and hematite. Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom. It can create a shielding force around the aura and strengthen the energies from within. It can help protect from negative energies and misfortune. Hematite can help absorb negative energy and bring calmness in times of worry and stress.  Hematite is a very protective stone and can help to keep you grounded. 

Natural Stones vary in color, size, and texture. The product you receive may vary slightly from the photos listed. Please allow up to two weeks for your unique product to be created and shipped. 

Much Love, The Sprouting Spirit