Libra Zodiac Bracelet

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry

The band of the bracelet is made of Blue Goldstone and it has 6 stones which support someone who falls under the Libra Zodiac Sign. Blue Goldstone can assist us in seeing the light at the end of the darkness and the flecks of copper remind us of the stars in the night sky. Chrysoprase aids in longevity and an outlook of greater long-term health, lepidolite can lift your spirits and alleviate stress, mahogany obsidian helps to ground you and protect your aura from negativity, morganite can enhance your relationships and bring through a strong loving energy, tourmilated quartz can bring in a protective light to help heal you on an emotional and spiritual level, prehnite can assist you to become more peaceful and relaxed This bracelet is made with 6mm sized beads.