Red Garnet natural stone Mala with Wenge wood

The Sprouting Spirit Healing Stones and Jewelry

 A Mala is made of 108 beads and is significant to our 108 working chakras. A Mala is a tool used in meditation or for prayer. You can count each bead as you recite a mantra 108 times; or count each bead as you take a deep breath in meditation 108 times. Extremely helpful for focus and may be helpful with relieving anxiety. The first bead lies within a Hematite circle. The circle symbolizes wholeness, the center of thy self and eternity. Red Garnet can boost your energy and is a very stabilizing stone. It can help to bring order to chaos both internal and external. It is especially known to protect from nightmares and release bad karma. Red Garnet is the birth stone for January It can be worn as a necklace or wrapped multiple times around your wrist for a bracelet.